Defending the 2nd Amendment

Our Right to Bear Arms is under unprecedented attack. Politicians in Washington and even in our own state have made it clear that they are not interested in honoring our Constitution. As a Life NRA member himself, Jonathan understands firsthand the importance of our God-given right to protect ourselves, our families, and our community. That is why Jonathan supports open carry, campus carry and constitutional carry, and opposes dangerous gun-free zones. You can count on Jonathan to uphold the Second Amendment.


Stopping Illegal Immigration

Our government is supposed to work for American citizens, not for criminals who sneak into our country illegally. That’s why Jonathan fully supports President Trump’s plan to Build the Wall and secure our borders to encourage safe, legal immigration. He will make sure that local law enforcement works with ICE to deport illegal aliens and end Sanctuary cities. Ensuring the safety of our citizens should be the government’s top priority, and Jonathan will never let politics get in the way of that responsibility.


Serving Those that Serve Us

We are forever indebted to those who sacrifice everything to defend our nation. Home to Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlburt Field, & 7th Special Forces Group, our community is proud to host so many honorable men and women who serve. As the son of a veteran, Jonathan is committed to making Florida the most military friendly state in the nation, and he will always fight for our veterans.

Protecting the Military Mission

Making sure that our military always has the resources it needs is vital to our national security. With so many important military installations here at home, Jonathan understands the crucial role our community plays in national security measures. Jonathan will always make sure that our military installations are receiving the funding & support they need, and he will work with local & federal partners to make sure the needs of our veterans are being met.


Growing the Economy

It is more important now than ever that the correct measures are taken to let the economy recover. America’s healing process must begin with getting people back to work. As a small business owner and Financial Advisor, Jonathan will bring a business perspective to state government.  He will champion policies that reduce taxes and burdensome, unnecessary regulations and allow our economy to thrive.


Standing Up for Life

Jonathan will be a voice for those who don’t yet have one. Unborn children are the most vulnerable population in our society. Endorsed by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Jonathan is 100% Pro-Life. He will stand up to big-money liberal groups like Planned Parenthood and he will not rest until abortion is outlawed in the state of Florida.


Improving Education

Common Core has failed our children, and Jonathan believes that its time we do something about it. Jonathan’s mother, a teacher with 20 years of experience, provided a living example of how much teachers can accomplish when they are given the tools to excel without overreach from the state. That’s why Jonathan knows that our local community, not politicians in Tallahassee, should control our local schools. Jonathan will work in lockstep with our Superintendent, School Board, and teachers to ensure that our schools have the necessary funding for a world class education, proven school safety measures, and mental health services.


Lowering Healthcare Costs

Our current healthcare system is broken. Jonathan opposes a government takeover of our healthcare system. Jonathan will work to make our healthcare more affordable by increasing available options and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. This will provide a way to ensure affordable, transparent and effective healthcare for all Floridians – we will measure our success based on patient outcomes.


Mid-Bay Bridge Tolls

In times like these, it is especially important that Florida families can hold onto their money and use it as they see fit. That’s why Jonathan called on the Governor to suspend tolls on all Florida roads. Jonathan supports ending the Mid-Bay Bridge toll. Money earned by our hard-working Floridians should stay in their own pockets and not be used to fill the government’s coffers.

Jonathan has a plan to utilize BP Funds to pay off the remaining debt on the Mid-Bay Bridge and end the tolls. Jonathan’s plan will immediately boost our economy and help thousands of hardworking local families and seniors on fixed incomes who struggle with the high cost of bridge tolls. Read more about Jonathan’s plan here.


Protecting the Environment

In Florida, and especially in our community, our quality of life is directly tied to the quality of our water. As a lifelong Floridian with 4 generations living in Okaloosa County, Jonathan grew up swimming in the Bayou. He knows firsthand the importance of protecting our coastal marine environment. Our local bodies of water, including the Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf itself, are all vital to the economic success for our community. We have to fix the ageing sewage infrastructure to prevent dumping into our waterways. Jonathan will fight to make sure our state’s natural beauty is respected.


Improving our Infrastructure

Strong infrastructure enhances communities by expanding employment opportunities, growing small businesses, and improving daily commutes for members of the community. Jonathan will fight to make sure that Okaloosa County is receiving the funding for updates that it needs, including roads, power and electric projects, and 5G broadband expansion to improve the quality of life for all residents.


Taking Care of our Seniors

We owe the success and development of our nation to the hard work of those who blazed the trail for us. The people who raised us deserve to be treated with honor and dignity. Jonathan opposes policies that diminish benefits for those who are retired or are approaching retirement and will bring to Tallahassee a zero-tolerance approach toward the abuse, neglect, and mistreatment of the elderly.


Crestview Bypass

We must build the Crestview Bypass. Traffic issues on Highway 85 going into Crestview are critical as we move forward as a county. Jonathan has traveled to Port St. Joe to speak before the Triumph Gulf Coast Board and successfully advocated for 64.1 million for the Crestview bypass on behalf of the citizens of Okaloosa County.